d’enfiada is a traditionally unconventional project

Focusing on textile art, I illustrate the beauty of nature and common people through embroidery.
The entire process is manual, making each piece unique.

The threads are the direct link between the traditional and the contemporary, this is the starting point that describes the d’enfiada.

I grew up in a rural environment surrounded by traditions. Where many handcrafted objects had one thing in common, they were getting lost in time, that made them special in my eyes. As a child, I spent a good part of my time exploring different materials, textures and above all colors. Unconsciously, a passion for handicrafts began to be born.

When I’m not surrounded by wool and threads, I’m probably in digital. I am graduated in graphic design and I was born in Lisbon, in a small village near Torres Vedras. I saw in the threads a way to expand the pixel. Something I could turn into volume, give texture and, above all, touch. As the attraction for this technique grew, so did the desire to create and find my place.

I believe that it is easy to recognize a project of mine. The vibrantion colors and their blend with each other are one of the most remarkable features. Embroidery naturally flows into the canvas through the dancing shapes of nature and expressions of common people. Everything is a good reason to capture from real life and turn it into art.

Proudly part of Portugal Manual
A network of new portuguese artisans

Exhibitions & Events

2023 – CASA ABERTA, from Santo Infante, December 05-23

2023 – PONTOS DE VISTA, Solo Exhibition, February

2020 – ARTIST RESIDENCY, The Hood in Lisboa, November to December



2023 – Projeto Terra, Condomínio Porto, Casa da Joana, from Santo Infante and influencer Joana Freitas, November to January

2022 – Tenis Calé, reinterpreting a work of art from Parque Nascente

2022 – Sabe a Mar, launch event from Aqua Portimão

2019 – Bride Kimono, from stylist Rita Costumista to Azores



2023 – Caras Decoração, July edition (Portugal)

2023 – Observador Lifestyle, January edition (Portugal)

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